Bring Your Dream House to Life with Whole Home Remodeling

Hire an interior remodeling contractor in the Leawood, KS area

Maybe you want to flip your old property for resale. Or maybe you want to strip your house down to the frame and build a brand-new living space. Either way, Christie Construction Company, Inc. can provide the whole-home remodeling services that you need.

Schedule an appointment today to start planning your interior remodeling project. We revamp houses in Leawood, KS and the surrounding areas.

Don't settle for subpar whole-home remodeling services

When you hire us for exterior or interior remodeling services, you can expect that our pros will oversee the entire construction process. Our whole-home remodeling services involve:

  • Surveying your home and discussing your goals
  • Providing a labor and materials estimate
  • Demolishing your unwanted structures
  • Removing all trash and unwanted materials
  • Constructing your remodeled living space
  • Installing the electrical wiring and plumbing
  • Wiring your electrical fixtures and outlets
  • Painting your walls and surfaces
  • Installing your flooring, cabinetry and appliances

For more information on our interior remodeling services, get in touch today.